We look at 10 of the top stories at PCW

Sammy Falcon won the 2017 Destiny Ladder match, and is engaged to his “Queen”, Bianka. It’s expected Falcon and his fiance will set a wedding date shortly. Falcon tagged with Anthony Dangerfield for the first time ever; will we see these two continue to tag?

Mark Kage made a spectacular return after being sidelined for 12 months, surprising then PCW National Champion Tome Filip at PCW Energy in August and effectively costing him the title. Kage would wrestle Filip the following month at PCW Carnage with special guest referee (and former Surpemacy ally) Nash Archer. The match ended in controversial circumstances, and a rematch was set for PCW Aftershock – in which Kage would come out on top.

Kage would cross paths with Lucas Daniels at PCW Ignition in after coming to the aid of WAIK. Kage and Daniels had a hard fought contest, however he would succumb to the power of Daniels.

Kage was one of the final two in the Halloween Horror Royal Rumble, but was once again unable to out muscle Daniels.

November is a big month for Kage as he faces Perth wrestler Craven at PCW Under Siege and Superstar Joey Ryan at International Assault.

It’s no secret Danny Psycho has struggled with injury throughout his illustrious career, and 2017 has been no different. Psycho suffered a nasty gash to his knee in March, and dislocated his shoulder so badly in July he needed to be put under to relocate.

Psycho shocked the audience during Edward Dusk & Sid Histic vs. The Revolution at PCW Carnage. A video played during the match showing Sid Histic being attacked by Psycho earlier in the night, as Sid Histic took off his mask to reveal Dusk was actually teaming with Danny Psycho!

Psycho and Dusk would battle in brutal 6-man Ladder Match at PCW Evolution in Geelong, with Dusk winning thanks to an interference from fellow Insurgents member Cory Hendrix.

Psycho has made it his mission to destroy The Insurgents, and would battle Dusk in singles action at PCW Aftershock. The Insurgents didn’t take too kindly to Psycho’s threats and viciously attacked him during the Halloween Horror Battle Royal.

Psycho wants to punish each member of The Insurgents one by one, beginning with Sid Histic this Saturday night at PCW Ignition! Psycho will also team with former WWE Superstar X-Pac to take on the Basso Brothers at International Assault on November 24.


Lucas Daniels made history with an undefeated streak lasting 14-months. Daniels was dominate in his debut year, destroying competitor after competitor, most notably PCW legend Daniel Swagger in less than 5 minutes. This streak however would all end in a roll up out of nowhere during a Hardcore rematch against Swagger at PCW Carnage.

Daniels was rocked by this loss but was determined to continue his winning ways. This however would not be the case, where Daniels would lose his cool at PCW Evolution in Geelong in a match against Stevie Filip. As Daniels lifted Filip to nail his F5, the referee was knocked down. Daniels clearly covered the champion for the 3 count, but with no referee the match continued. When a second official was sent to complete the match, a furious Daniels was too busy blasting the referee and was rolled up by Stevie Filip.

These two losses gave belief to the locker room that Daniels was not invincible.

Stevie Filip would use the same offence that Daniel Swagger used to overcome the heavyweight, and successfully retained his PCW National Championship in the main event of PCW Aftershock.


Beast Slayer – Two words to describe PCW National Champion Stevie Filip after successful defeating Tome Filip, Lucas Daniels, Cremator.

The November Filip will have to overcome The Maniac at PCW Under Siege before teaming with his brother Tome to battle The Headbangers at International Assault.