PCW Wrestling Ring

Learn about the PCW Wrestling Ring

PCW has five wrestling rings (and an Olympic-sized boxing ring!) on-site at the South Eastern Entertainment Centre, the home of The Wrestling Academy. Our primary ring used on live events was purchased in 2016 from Monster Rings in Kentucky USA and is 18 x 18 feet (5.5 x 5.5 metres) in size.

The PCW wrestling ring is composed of several key components that work together to create a safe and functional stage for our professional wrestling matches. The main components of our ring are:

1. Steel Frame: The steel frame serves as the structural foundation of the ring. It consists of a series of steel beams and supports that provide stability and strength.

2. Ring Ropes: These are the ropes that surround the ring and create the boundaries for the wrestlers. There are three sets of ropes attached to turnbuckles at each corner of the ring. The ropes are made of steel cables covered with rubber tubing wrapped with a special vinyl red tape for safety and elasticity. PCW updates the tape on the ropes roughly twice per year; the ring uses over 60 metres of tape!

3. Turnbuckles: Turnbuckles are the metal devices located at each corner of the ring. They serve as tensioning mechanisms for the ring ropes. Wrestlers often interact with the turnbuckles during their matches, using them for various moves and manoeuvres. There are also support cables underneath the ring with turnbuckles to ensure the entire ring is square and secure.

4. Ring Posts: The ring posts are vertical supports at each corner of the ring. They are made of steel providing stability, strength and anchoring for the turnbuckles and ring ropes.

5. Ring Apron: The ring apron / skirt is the material which covers the lower portion of the ring, extending beyond the ropes. It helps conceal the steel frame (and any special surprises such as tables and chairs… or WAIK, hiding underneath the ring) and adds an aesthetic element to the ring.

6. Canvas: The canvas cover is the durable surface that spans the top of the ring. It provides traction for the wrestlers and is tightly stretched and secured to the steel frame.

7. Padding: Beneath the canvas cover, there is a thin layer of padding for impact absorption. This padding, along with the right training on how to fall safely, helps protect the wrestlers from injuries when executing high-impact moves or taking falls. A common misbelief is the ring is soft; in fact, the ring is very firm and painful to fall on.

Lucky VIP supporters are sometimes given special access to step into the PCW wrestling ring! Join our VIP Club on Facebook to keep updated on when you might next score this opportunity!