A Mum’s Perspective on Wrestling Entertainment

On behalf of the PCW team, we’d like to thank Simone Jennings, mother of 8-year-old Taylor for kindly sharing this blog with us. Simone was not paid or compensated in any way for this article. 

Preconceptions of Wrestling

Initial Hesitation

Like many parents, I had my doubts about taking my child to a wrestling event. The images that came to mind were of rowdy crowds and aggressive confrontations—not exactly what you’d call child-friendly. I worried about the language my child might pick up, the intensity of the fights, and whether it would be too scary or violent for young eyes. On top of that, my knowledge of wrestling was limited to over-the-top characters and extravagant storylines I’d seen on TV years ago. It seemed like a world away from the family outings we were used to (family-friendly restaurants with playgrounds and iPads at the table for survival, am I right Mums?), and I was concerned about how my child would react to such a departure from our norm. But as any Mum knows, sometimes our kids’ interests push us out of our comfort zones, compelling us to explore new experiences together.

The Fear of the Unknown

The unknown can be intimidating, can’t it? That sense of stepping into an environment where the rules are unclear, the crowd’s energy is unpredictable, and the outcome is uncertain—it’s enough to make any parent second-guess the decision. My apprehension wasn’t just about the wrestling itself; it was about the entire spectacle and whether it was suitable for my family. I had concerns about the intensity of the fans, the loud music, the flashing lights, and how all of this would impact my child. Would it be overwhelming? Would there be other kids there? How would my child handle the excitement and the drama? These questions swirled in my mind as I contemplated whether this experience would be enriching or just plain too much for a young family to handle. It was this fear of the unknown that almost held us back from what turned out to be a memorable adventure.

The Wrestling Experience

Arrival: First Impressions

When we arrived at the venue, the first thing that struck me was the diversity of the crowd. There were families everywhere, kids buzzing with excitement, couples, and groups of friends. It was much more of a mixed bag than I expected. The staff greeted us with a smile and were incredibly helpful, guiding us to our seats and answering any questions with patience and a friendly demeanor. As we settled in, I noticed the setup wasn’t just a ring—it was a stage for performance, complete with lighting and smoke effects that set the scene without being too harsh for little ones. The music was energetic but not overpowering, adding to the buzz of anticipation. My child’s eyes were wide with awe, taking in the spectacle, and I could feel my own reservations beginning to fade as we soaked up the vibrant atmosphere.

The Atmosphere: An Unexpected Haven

The energy within the arena was electric, a far cry from the aggressive ambiance I had feared. It was clear that excitement was the prevailing emotion, not anger or hostility. Children were cheering, parents were laughing, and everyone seemed to be part of a community gathered to enjoy the spectacle. It didn’t take long for us to get swept up in the excitement. The wrestlers were more than just athletes; they were storytellers, and their performances were both athletic and entertaining. The choreography of the matches was impressive, and the physical prowess on display was undeniable. Yet, there was a clear line between performance and reality, which made it easier to appreciate the show for what it was: a form of entertainment. As I looked around, I saw kids with eyes full of wonder, and it dawned on me that this place was a haven where imagination was celebrated.

Staff Interactions: Unassuming Heroes

I can’t stress enough how much the staff contributed to our positive experience. They were the unassuming heroes of the day. Always present but never intrusive, they seemed to genuinely enjoy making the event a great experience for everyone. Whether it was helping a family find their seats, answering a flurry of questions from excited kids, or just sharing a laugh with the patrons, their attitude was top-notch. I particularly appreciated how they engaged with the children, making them feel like they were a special part of the event. They were attentive to safety, ensuring that the aisles were clear and that everyone could enjoy the show without worry. These interactions, though small, made a huge difference. They created an environment where we felt looked after and comfortable, which is exactly what you want when you’re venturing into a new experience with your family.

Why Wrestling Won Us Over

A Child-friendly Environment

The wrestling event turned out to be surprisingly child-friendly. It wasn’t just about the matches; there were activities for kids, like sign making and photo opportunities with costumed characters. The wrestlers themselves were larger than life, but after the show, they were gentle giants, giving high fives and posing for pictures with their young fans. It was heartwarming to see my child’s face light up with joy as we interacted with the performers. Even the merchandise was kid-appropriate, with kid title belts and t-shirts that were more about the fun and less about the fight. The organisers had clearly thought about their younger audience, providing headphones for noise-sensitive children and ensuring that the content was suitable for all ages. This attention to detail made me feel at ease, knowing that the environment was designed with families in mind.

A place even I can relax

The number of times I’ve had to sternly warn Taylor to settle down, sit still, and hush when attempting to enjoy a meal or a movie without disturbing others around me makes many family adventures difficult to enjoy. At the wrestling, Taylor could cheer, jump out of his seat, and run to ringside, alongside every other child in the building. No iPad. No iPhone. No Worries.

Repeat Adventures: Why We’ll Return

Our first wrestling event won’t be our last; we’re already planning our next visit. The reasons are many, but at the heart, it’s about the joy it brought to my child. It’s not just entertainment; it’s an experience that fuels the imagination. It’s a place where heroes and villains play out epic tales, where good triumphs over evil, and where the energy of the crowd is contagious. Each match is a story unfolding, and the interactive nature of the event means that you’re not just watching—you’re a part of it. Moreover, it’s an opportunity for family bonding, cheering together, and sharing moments that will be talked about long after the night is over. The staff, the environment, the spectacle—all of it combines to create an outing that’s as memorable as it is fun. We’re looking forward to our next adventure and the new memories it will bring.