Check out the full results from PCW Grandslam, our stadium spectacular!

PCW Grandslam
Saturday 16 March
State Basketball Centre

Edward Dusk defeated Danny Psycho to retain his PCW Ignition Championship

The RnB Show (Jamie Durden & Royce Chambers) defeated Tommy Hellfire and Rocco

Trikki defeated Cass Stone in a submission match

Daniel Swagger defeated Nate Cross in a street fight

Charlie Matthews defeated Jake Taylor, Luke Sabre, Andy Walker, Thomas Crowe, Danny Psycho, Jason Blade, James Sly Silver, Seth Tanner, Murdoch, JJ Furno, Kazi, Blake Archie, Broderick Mitchell, Jarvis, Mia Rose, Dreyden, Lockie, Mason Freeman, Jordie Sparkles, Anthony Dagerfield and Karl Grove in the Royal Rumble, earning a chance at PCW championship!

Mark Kage defeated Nate Cross to retain his Number 1 Contendership

The Brotherhood’s WAIK, Syd Parker and Erika Reid defeated RB4K’s Ryan Rapid, Sammy Falcon and Aysha to win the PCW Tag-Team Championship in a TLC Tables, Ladders & Chairs match