The Relentless Mark Kage made his shock return to PCW at Energy, interrupting the National Championship match between Tome Filip and Stevie Filip.

Let’s set the scene by taking you back to September 2016:

  • Mark Kage is the leader of a group named The Supremacy.
  • Tome Filip, Nash Archer and Chris Trio are also members of The Supremacy
  • The Supremacy feud with rival group Touch of Class (Daniel Swagger, Nate Cross & Trikki) for the last 18 months
  • Mark Kage and Daniel Swagger compete in grueling bouts during this fued, including Cage, TLC and Hardcore matches.

September 2016, PCW Carnage at the South Eastern Entertainment Centre, Mark Kage who is the PCW National Champion is determined to become Undisputed Champion by defeating Daniel Swagger in their final rubber match, a hardcore match, without interference.

The match was a disaster for Kage; he was slammed through tables, onto ladders and belted with steel chairs… but the most insulting moment came when Tome Filip and Nash Archer would defy Kage by interfering in an effort to assist.

Not only would Kage lose, he tore his ACL and meniscus. Kage would be sidelined for a minimum of 12 months.

Video of injury:

The rubber match between Swagger and Kage was to settle an 18 month feud. This was Kage’s chance to become an Undisputed Champion, something Tome Filip and Nash Archer robbed from The Supremacy leader.

What you need to understand is, after 12+ months, Swagger and I had been through hell. Only two people knew what that was like. For Tome Filip and Nash Archer to interfere in that one match, the one match where I wanted to see who the better man was, ruined everything.

Mark Kage

Kage would unleash on Tome Filip and Nash Archer the following month in October, telling the former partners that they are dead to him. This would be the last time Mark Kage was seen at a live event for 10 months.

Watch Kage unleash:

During Kages absence, Tome Filip would go on to become PCW National Champion, and would enter a family feud against his brother Stevie.

Tome Filip was at the top of the mountain at PCW, unbeknownst to him, Kage was sitting on the sidelines watching carefully, plotting his revenge.

Kage in a tell all interview revealed in May 2017 that he would be back soon. That moment would come in August 2017 at PCW Energy, when Kage made a shocking return, a video interrupting the fittingly rubber match between Tome Filip and Stevie Filip with those ominous words, Tome Filip… you’re dead to me!

Stevie would go on to win the PCW National Championship.

Relive the final moments from PCW Energy:

Whats next for Mark Kage is unknown, but we’re certain Tome Filip will be gunning for his former leader!

In case you missed it:

  • At PCW Revenge in June 2017, the opening package showed Tome Filip and Nash Archer interrupting Kage at PCW Carnage with the voice over saying “Revenge is a dish best served cold”. This was the same text which appeared on the video played at PCW Energy when Mark Kage returned.
  • Tome Filip interrupted the rubber match between Mark Kage and Daniel Swagger. In turn, Mark Kage interrupted the rubber match between Tome Filip and Stevie Filip.
  • Mark Kage lost the PCW National Championship in the match where Tome interfered. Tome Filip lost the PCW National Championship in the match where Kage interfered.

Watch the Mark Kage tell-all interview in full: