The board have made a decision following the controversial outcome of the Iron Man Match.

STATEMENT – 19 December, 2018

The Professional Championship Wrestling board of directors congratulates both Lucas Daniels and Mark Kage on an outstanding outing this past Saturday night in their gruelling 60-minute Iron Man match.

It was the boards concern that personal grievances between Kage and our elected President, Dr Troy Alexander, could potentially cause interruption in this match as it did at PCW Energy in September, therefore the board requested that Dr Alexander be not present during the bout at any point and appointed an unbiased referee.

Though Dr Alexander adhered to our wishes, the interference from Nate Cross (disguised as ‘The Difference Mobile’) had ramifications which would have potentially changed the outcome of the match. For this, we apologise to Mark Kage.

It is the boards view that Kage should be given fair opportunity when facing rival Daniels, therefore we are announcing that on March 16 at the State Basketball Centre, Mark Kage will be awarded his rematch for the PCW National Championship against Lucas Daniels.

Following the event, a statement was released detailing that Dr Alexander will face the board at this Saturday nights event to clarify his involvement in the disruption of the Iron Man match.