We preview this Saturday nights Ignition (23/11/19) emanating from the South Eastern Entertainment Centre.

It’s the FINAL STOP before PCW Destiny, join us this Saturday night at PCW Ignition at the coveted South Eastern Entertainment Centre.

Champ accepts challenge

PCW National Champion Mark Kage will face the Number 1 Contender to the PCW Slam Championship Thomas Crowe.

The Gold Class lounge returns

The Gold Class Lounge returns, with Nate Cross and Dr Troy Alexander hosting the ‘True Champion’ Cass Stone!

Destiny Ladder Match competitors clash

Before the Destiny Ladder match, competitors will clash in an unlikely tag team match when Robbie Thorpe teams with JJ Furno to take on Murdoch and James Sly.. Broderick Mitchell and Natasha Webb will be BANNED from ringside!

Syd Parker’s Open Challenge

The Jurassic Punk Syd Parker continues his trail of destruction, once again issuing an Open Challenge. Rumour has it a top Slam talent has been saying he wants to answer this challenge!

Tag-teams go solo

Before next weeks tag-team championship match, Royce Chambers will wrestle Jason Blade and Rocco in a huge triple threat!

Rapid’s worst nightmare

PCW Ignition Champion Ryan Rapid will face the Nightmare Chris Trio in singles action. This is a crucial match for Trio, who is making waves since returning – can he overcome the Ignition champ?

Would the real RB4K Team Member please stand up?

RB4K continue their search for a wrestler to join Team RB4K in Decembers Survivor Series match. Who do you think will step up?


The Unrivalled Lucas Daniels, PCW President Mia Rose and the entire Slam Roster as we gear up for DESTINY!

PCW Ignition

Saturday 23 November
South Eastern Entertainment Centre
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