PCW Slam Commissioner Johnny Della Rocco will be sidelined indefinitely.

BREAKING: PCW Slam Commissioner Johnny Della Rocco was injured in a match against Murdoch this past Saturday night at PCW Ignition. We briefly caught up with Rocco to discuss the injury.

What is the injury?
I have broken my pelvic bone on the inside of my thigh.

How did the injury occur?
I was thrown from the ring to the outside, landing heavily on the hard floor. Though there are protective mats around the ring, they are merely 2cm thick, with a slab of hard concrete underneath.

Did you know something was wrong right away?
Absolutely, I knew I was hurt as soon as I landed. My whole leg went numb.

Why was the match not called off?
I knew there was a match to be won, and with the stakes so high (an opportunity to join the PCW Ignition roster), I fought through the pain.

When can we expect to see you back in the ring?
We will again evaluate how the bone is healing in a two weeks to get a better indication on exactly when I can expect to be cleared. Doctors have speculated up to 12 weeks, I want to be back in half of the that.