A new level of luxury has arrived. Front row reclining leather theatre seats, combined with access to a specially designed menu and beverage service makes your next visit truly special.

What is the PCW Club Experience?

The PCW Club Experience is a special front row section at the South Eastern Entertainment Centre, featuring luxurious leather recliners, access to a gourmet 3-course menu and a staffed beverage service throughout the event.

How does the PCW Club Experience Menu work?

The PCW Club Experience menu is seasonal. To view our Winter menu, click here. You will be asked on email to make your meal selections two days prior to the event to ensure the produce is fresh and prepared for your service. All food is delivered directly to your seat throughout the evening (Entré during Match 1, Dinner During Match 3, Desert During the semi-Main Event).

What is the PCW Club Experience beverage service?

A friendly PCW waiter will visit your seats during Match 1 and the first match after Intermission offering the option to order and pay (Eftpos only) for any drinks from our extensive menu. Drinks will be delivered shortly thereafter.

What if I have special dietary requirements?

You will be asked to flag any special dietary requirements in our PCW Club Experience Menu selection email, which is sent two days prior to the event. We will make every effort to ensure your requirements are catered.

Where are the seats located, and how many are there?

The luxurious PCW Club Experience recliners are located in the front row. We have only eight seats available per event.

How much is it to upgrade my ticket?

Please be aware you will need to also buy entry tickets to gain access to the PCW Club Experience.

Option 1 – Upgrade to Seat Only, $15
The cost to upgrade to the front row luxurious recliners is only $15. (No food included)

Option 2 – Upgrade to Seat + Meal, $55
The cost to upgrade to the front row luxurious recliners with the three course meal is only $55.

Winter Menu

  • All food and drinks are delivered directly to your seat
  • Milkshake can be substituted with any beverage from our full menu
  • Two additional beverage services throughout the evening