Edward Dusk has lost over 30kg in 12-months. We sit down with The Insurgents member to discuss his transformation, and exactly how he did it!

What was your starting weight?

I started at 116 kilos

What is your current weight?

I’ve now gotten myself down to 85 kilos

What is your goal weight?

My original goal was to drop below 90 by September, now that I’ve passed that, the goal is to hit 80 kilos by then.

How did you lose the weight?

I had a personal trainer for first month, taking in as information much as I could. From there it was 4-5, sometimes 6 days in the gym on top of Wrestling Training twice a week.

What motivated you?

Wrestling. I was about a week into my Training and I quickly realised there was a difference between playing wrestler and being a wrestler. I wasn’t going to get anywhere being out of shape and in bad health. It pushed me to take my weight loss a lot more seriously; getting to the gym more frequently and pushing myself harder.

What was it like being the first student at the PCW Academy Geelong?

Nerve wracking. I didn’t want to go out there and fall flat on my face and have that be the first impression of The Academy.

Whats next for Edward Dusk?

The Insurgents have made a big impact since our arrival, as I said we would. James and Walker have just captured the Tag Team Titles for us but there’s still two other Championships there for the taking and I’ve definitely got my eyes on those.

Edward Dusk weight loss