As of Saturday 23 May 2020

  • All spectators, talent and crew will have their temperature checked by a non-contact forehead thermometer prior to entering SEEC. Any patron who has an elevated temperature greater than 37.5°C will be denied entry and refunded in full.
  • Upon entering, spectators must immediately proceed to the bathroom to wash their hands thoroughly with soap.
  • Hand sanitising stations have been installed throughout the venue. Please be aware that you must still wash your hands with running water and soap before being permitted into the arena space.
  • Entry doors to the building and into the bathrooms will be open during events. The only door handle requiring touch will be to the bathrooms stalls, and these handles will be cleaned frequently throughout the event.
  • Every second grandstand seat and folding ringside seat will be taped shut, effectively enforcing a one seat gap between spectators. There is now a greater distance between the ring and the front row of seating.
  • Talent have been instructed not to “high five” spectators. We ask spectators to not put their hands out for high fives.
  • Handrails will be cleaned frequently throughout the event.
  • We ask spectators to only use contact-less pay, avoiding cash when possible.
  • Meet and greets with talent will not take place, until further notice.