New South Wales wrestler and Survivor Australia cast member Matty Wahlberg has taken aim at PCW’s own Charlie Matthews.

UPDATE 14/11 – PCW has confirmed Charlie Matthews and Matty Wahlberg will wrestle on December 14 at PCW Christmas Chaos!

Matty Wahlberg, a contestant on this year’s Australian Survivor: Champions vs. Contenders has released a video slamming PCW wrestler Charlie Matthews (Matthew Zukowski) for his antics on reality television juggernaut Love Island Australia.

Wahlberg, who is a star of Sydney based wrestling promotion PWA Pro Wrestling Australia has labelled Matthews “a joke” and an “embarrassment”. Ironically, Wahlberg himself was branded an “actual idiot” by AFLW player Abbey Holmes who appeared alongside him on Survivor earlier this year.

Fellow Love Island Australia star Eoghan Murphy came to the defence of Matthews, warning Wahlberg to “…keep his mouth shut!”.

Charlie Matthews, who is paired with Cartier Surjan, is the last remaining original male member of Love Island Australia as the reality show enters its final deciding week.

Was Matty Wahlberg out of line, attacking a fellow wrestler who is unable to respond? You decide by watching the full video below: 


Photo Credit: Love Island Australia Facebook