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Fun Zone

We catch up with… Twitch!

We catch up with former member of the Touch of Class, Twitch!

Edward Dusks amazing transformation

Edward Dusk has lost over 30kg in 12-months. We sit down with The Insurgents member to discuss his transformation, and exactly how he did it!

Tome Filip playing soccer
Could Tome Filip have become a soccer superstar?

Before Tome Filip dominated a wrestling ring, he dominated the football pitch.

Earl Paiairki Nikora
Boxing legend is the grandfather of a PCW champion

Earl Nikora is one of New Zealands most prominent Professional Maori Boxing pioneers; but did you know he is related to PCW Champion?

We catch up with… Chris Trio!

The Nightmare Chris Trio dominated the PCW scene for several years, as a member of The Supremacy and The Alliance of Violence. We catch up with Trio to see what he is up to now!

Slam logos over the years

As we prepare to launch a new era of Slam, we look back at the logos used to promote The Future Stars of Wrestling – PCW Slam events.

Danny Psychos Tattoo
Time lapse of Danny Psychos epic joker tattoo

Wow! 3 solid days of tattooing condensed to 3 minutes.  View the amazing time lapse video of Danny Psycho’s joker tattoo.

Can you name all PCW Destiny winners?

The annual Destiny Ladder Match gives one wrestler the chance to win a guaranteed 12-Month PCW Contract.

Spot the Difference – PCW Destiny Ladder 2016 competitors

Can you spot the four differences between a photograph featuring Ryan Rapid, Luke Sabre, Andy Walker, Cass Stone and Nate Cross?

Did you know an episode of Blue Heelers featured PCW?

Did you know that PCW and our wrestlers helped produce an episode of the award winning Australian police-drama Blue Heelers?